Shimmer and Shine Bedtime Wishes Shimmer

Shimmer and Shine are ready for bedtime but before they go to bed we opened the super cool Bedtime Wishes Shimmer. Checkout the video featuring the plush bedtime Shimmer doll.

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The body of the Bedtime Wishes Shimmer doll is plush and soft. The head is a bit harder though and it does play music. You’ll want to b sure to turn it off before actual bedtime.



Shimmer and Shine, bedtime divine! Sleepy little genies will love drifting off to dreamland with Bedtime Wishes Shimmer! This dreamy genie features a soft, cuddly body and arrives ready for a genie sleepover in her purple printed pajamas (featuring her pet monkey, Tala, of course!) When little ones give Shimmer a squeeze the wishing star, on her pajamas will light up and she’ll talk and sing a special bedtime song! Shimmer’s pretty pink ponytail can be styled with the included bottle-shaped brush!

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